Impact34 CEO Bettina Kuperman featured in the SportBusiness International

After having accomplished significant projects with the Turkish and Ukrainian Basketball Federations, our CEO Bettina Kuperman was approached to give her thoughts and story within the sport business industry.

Below are some of the highlighted questions;

Making an impact

After moving into sport to escape the boredom of a law degree, Bettina Kuperman is now CEO of sports and entertainment marketing company Impact34 in Istanbul. She tells us about her inspirations and experiences working in emerging markets and why she thinks you need to be much more than just a sports fan to succeed in this industry.

How did you get into the sports industry?

After graduating I worked at the Copenhagen Business School for a couple of years with (programme director) Troels Troelsen teaching sports economics.
After that I began working for TSE Consulting in Denmark before moving to
the company’s headquarters in Switzerland. I moved to TSE’s office in Turkey and when that was closed down I decided to stay and open Impact34.

I came into sport mainly because I was bored studying regular law, and during my degree I started looking for an area of law that could be developed. This was also at the time when regulations were changing around landmark cases like the Bosman ruling (named after footballer Jean-Marc Bosman, whose protracted transfer affected the transfers of football players within the
European Union).

How do you see the sports industry evolving?

First of all, women need not be afraid to take on traditionally male-dominated industries like sport. The ones that do should also be confident to apply a more feminine touch to how they work. I’m not too impressed with the women who come in and act like men. I don’t think that is what the sports industry needs. I like the initiatives that the International Olympic Committee and many other federations are doing to include women within sports management and I would love to see more female ambassadors out there encouraging fellow women to get into the industry. Working in this industry is not about being just a sports fan. It’s about how it can impact on cities and people’s lives.

What’s happening at the moment at Impact34?

We are setting up office in Ukraine and I am really excited about what we can achieve there. We have our partners in play and we are focusing on finalizing projects there. It is also with a view to focus on the rest of the region and countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia - so we’re really excited about the growth that will hopefully happen in the next six months.

18th of July, 2012