Bettina Kuperman’s article ‘The Digital Revolution’ featured in SportBusiness International

After the previous article about the international sports business industry, Bettina Kuperman provides invaluable insight into the growing media industry within Turkey and the impact on sports broadcasting.

Part of the article is covered below, for the full article click here.

The ownership of the Turkish sports media market is shared between a few multi-sector business groups and the three most prominent media groups working with sport are Cukurova, Dogan and Dogus.

The concentrated ownership structure within the Turkish market makes it difficult for new players to enter. However, the main issue that limits the growth of the Turkish sports media market is the dominance of football. Unless new sports products, sports disciplines or events enter the market, the total value of the sports media market will at best remain the same.

For the sports media and commercial sector to grow, an investment from the commercial sector into long-term sports development would be an interesting kick-start to developing a broader sports culture and creating new valuable content and marketing platforms for sponsors.

1st of October, 2012