Bettina Kuperman has been invited to the expert panel at SportBusiness International

Bettina Kuperman took part in a panel discussion at SportBusiness International, providing insight and knowledge within the topic of ‘Addressing key issues around education and training in the international sports sector’. Bettina joined other industry leaders to debate this issue.

Some questions and answers from the interview are below, for the full article click here.

Is there any merit gaining professional experience in a core business discipline like marketing, and then transferring those professional skills into the sports industry?

BK: I think there is a lot of credit to learning about sports management through courses like the FIFA Master and getting a good grounding in the sports industry. However, I think if you want to get into a business like ours which does a lot of consultancy work, having the professional business skills actually carries more worth to us than having a sports management degree. When recruiting people I want them to show me they know how to do business, and then we can show them how to use those skills within the sports industry. It is all about whether they can transfer their skills into our business.

How does the sports industry compares to other sectors when it comes to federations training and developing their own staff?

BK: There is another important point if we are talking about training and development: we need people coming through to have that entrepreneurial spirit. When I wanted to set up a business in Turkey, I didn’t turn up and think it would just happen. I researched the data, looked at the legal aspects and came up with a business plan. I made it happen for myself, and I would like to see more people, through education, encouraged to take that risk and come up with their own business ideas that work.

3rd of October, 2012