Bettina Kuperman, CEO

Bettina Kuperman is Danish. She holds a Master in Laws from Copenhagen University, focused on sports law and economics, and is a certified management consultant from the Institute of Business Consulting in London. She is the Founder and CEO of Impact34 and co-founder of 06 Records.
Bettina specializes in strategic planning, communication and brand development in the sports and entertainment industries. She has previously co-written two published book on sports management.
Bettina started her career working in the Olympic Capitol, Lausanne, Switzerland. She has worked for numerous international sports federations, including UEFA and FIBA. She has worked extensively on bidding for major sports events and has successfully worked with major cities around the world on bids for Olympic, World Championship and Continental Championship.
After moving to Turkey in 2009 she opened Impact34 and earned the position of lead consultant for the Turkish Basketball Federation. She has also worked for the Turkish Football Federation, the Turkish Olympic Committee, the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports among other. Impact34 has worked extensively in the region managing sports and entertainment projects in Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Dubai.
In 2016 she opened a record label with her husband, musician Ferman Akgül. 06 Records specializes in talent development, strategic brand building for artists and commercial brands and conceptual music events. 06 Records has recently launched Turkey’s first acoustic music festival – the ”Unplugged Music Festival”.

In 2017 Impact34 got the rights to organize the first major international esports tournament in Turkey. The BLAST Pro Series is a global CS:GO tournament featuring the best teams in the world, with an audience reach of more than 300 million people worldwide.


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