Impact34 CEO Bettina Kuperman Addresses Kadir Has University Students

On November 10, Impact34 CEO Bettina Kuperman, together with Turkish Basketball Federation Media Projects Manager Sean Singer, addressed a group of students at Kadir Has University in Istanbul. The students in Assistant Professor Perrin Öğün Emre’s PR in Event Management course have spent their semester focusing on PR strategies in different fields. Kuperman discussed Impact34’s contribution to the success of the 2014 FIBA World Championship for Women, which was hosted by the Turkish Basketball Federation from 27 September–5 October.

Following an overview of the structure of international sports and the different ways in which hosting sports events can contribute to a country’s development, Kuperman and Singer detailed the steps taken over the previous year to maximize exposure for the FIBA World Championship for Women and help the Turkish Basketball Federation achieve its goals.

Following their presentation Kuperman and Singer answered the students’ questions.

12th of November, 2014