Impact34 Runs for a Good Cause at Istanbul Marathon

Impact34 Project Manager Mert Akdeniz completed the 36th Vodafone Istanbul Marathon (42 km) on 16 November, raising money for the Tohum Autism Foundation’s Education Scholarship.
Mert’s friend Levent Denizci ran the marathon while juggling with the same objective. Mert supported his friend throughout the marathon, inspiring him to complete the race in good spirits.
Mert visited the Tohum Autizm Foundation and met with the children who will benefit from the money raised for the foundation. He also drew awareness to the foundation and his own contribution to it through social media in the weeks leading up to the marathon.
The Education Scholarship for Autistic Children Campaign started two weeks before the marathon and will continue until the end of November. So far Mert and his friends have raised enough money to support three kids' education for one year. Impact34 supported Mert before and during the marathon, and has made a donation to the campaign.
Impact34 will continue supporting Mert in all of his efforts to raise awareness for important causes through running.

17th of November, 2014