Impact34 Continues Supporting TBF and FIBA during the 2014 FIBA World Championship for Women

The 17th edition of the FIBA World Championship for Women took place in Istanbul and Ankara from September 27–October 5, 2014.

The Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) tasked Impact34 with managing the promotional campaign for the 2014 FIBA World Championship for Women, after Impact34 helped coordinate TBF’s successful bid to host the tournament.

A lengthy preparation period that began with the Draw Ceremony at the Cırağan Palace on 15 March culminated in an event that fixated sports fans throughout Turkey. Taking the opening ceremony at the Zorlu Center on 25 September as a starting point, all promotional and organizational efforts such as; studies, promotional campaigns, photo shoots, dressings, promotional materials and communication platforms came to fruition as group play got underway on 27 September at Abdi İpekçi Arena and Ankara Arena.

The Impact34 team continued supporting TBF and FIBA in all aspects of the tournament such as; branding, promotional and printed materials, media activities and on and off court activities successfully during the championship.

Quote from Başkan

“Impact34 has played an important role in the success of TBF in recent years, providing a range of services and advice that has helped us set and reach our goals as a sports federation. We believe that they will make major contributions to the promotion of the 2014 FIBA World Championship for Women.”

Turgay Demirel,
Turkish Basketball Federation

10th of November, 2014